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2007. 5. 30. 17:45

Chapter 1.

Return of the Fouth year's Champion! Machester United!

to congratuate REDS Champion!

 Mancherter got a EPL(English Premire Leage) Champion aside from Chelsea's pursuit. May 7th, AM 00:00 (Korean Time) Chelsea and Arsenal's game ended in a tie( 1 : 1 ). Chelsea's Points is distingush from first place Manchester. So Manchster got a champion without their left games. Chelsea did persistent pursuit. But they didn't show their biggest impact in the game of the Arsenal. Maybe cause of problem is they lost many physical strength in the second game of champions league semifinal with Liverpool

 This season, Great job was got a champion without enough strengthen the team. but Chelsea baught two biggest superstar Michael Ballack and Andriy Shevchenko.

Manchester had increased their possiblity of winning the victory cause they won Derby match (Manchester City) even though they lose champions league with AC Millan.

This season United's move can find out blending in passionated new stars like Wayne Rooney, Christino Ronaldo, Michael Carrick and Jisung Park, and well experienced vereran like Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Edwin Van Desar.

Also we can know their defence line, already won the prize the Premier League Best Eleven, was very harmoniously.

In the latter half of the league, They spend hard time cause injury. But Ferguson got a champion with apt tactics.

So to speak, Manchester's Prize was brillant achievement that is all elements harmornic.

I feel inconveniece that Jisung Park,did a great move, was injured. Maybe his Champion Ring is more valuable then any rings.

Furgerson said:

(we brought some new players in like Heinze, Vidic, Evra, Carrick, Rooney and Ronaldo, Park. they gave us a far more balanced and powerful squad)

Chapter 2.

2007 Hot Summer Trading Market

Gareth Bale

18 years Wales defender Gareth Bale. He got a excellent left crossing abillity and brainy play style so he is called Giggs's succesor .

but REDS kneeled to Tottenham's ambition.

Next Season, He'll play in Tottenham that he compete with Youngpyo Lee for left wing back position

Samuel Eto'o

He saids he want to play in EPL. But it's not a time.

At this time Barcelona want Arsenal King 'Henry'. We expect his combi play with Henry.  

Nani (Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha)

Nani plays in Sporting Lisbon,Portugal. Sir Alex Furgerson already judge he can help the United.

But he resign with Lisbon recently that insert new buy-out clause for 20 million pound. If United want him, It can be obstacle.

Klaas Jan Huntelaar

Hunter, Huntelaar, He is still rising star but We can never expect that How much he can grow up.

His Playing style seems like a,Netherlands National team coach,Marco Van Vasten.

Fernando Toress

If Toress comes United..?? Manchester's offensive abliity will be touch the sky. Now, His nick name 'Raul's succesor' does not match any more.

Owen Hargreves

He is ManU Man already. I can't talk anymore. It's meaningless. Man Utd bought Bayern's Midfilder Hargreves for 25 million euro. Judging from this, United got a chance for champion.

Dimitar Bervatov

Bervatov moves Bayer Leverkusen to Tottenham last season. He scored 24 goals last season.

but last year Tottenham lost Carrick to Manchester United.

If Man U bought Berbatov, London's fans are blaming to him.

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